Journey Together

Your pregnancy is a journey. We are honored to walk with you! This includes prenatal care, delivery in the hospital, and postpartum care. The body is made well and thus it knows how to do pregnancy! Our job is to support it. We embrace natural birth and are experienced in medicated births as well as cesarean deliveries and vaginal births after c-section.


Expectant Mothers

We are constantly in awe of what a woman’s body can do! Pregnancy and childbirth are beautiful and natural processes. We are committed to providing the best of care for women during pregnancy. Our care is devoted to affirming the dignity of women and promoting respect for your unborn baby.


Prenatal Visits

Our goal is to have a healthy, happy mom, baby and family. We promote the highest of quality and safety measures as recommended nationally for women in pregnancy. We embrace evidence based initiatives which are directed to improving care for women and we are committed to reducing Perinatal Morbidity and Mortality. We are involved in pioneering efforts to improve outcomes.


Post Partum Care

The time following the birth of your baby is a beautifully sacred and sometime uncertain time. Bella understands the unique nature of the postpartum experience. We are here to support you and help you to navigate this tremendous change in your life! We are here to help you bond, breast feed, heal, process your delivery experience, and thrive as a mom.