Journey Together

Pregnancy is a beautiful, normal and natural process and the moments around birth are full of grace! It is a privilege to support you during this time.

Healthy Pregnancy Starts With Healthy Living
Since a healthy pregnancy starts with maximizing healthy living prior to conception, we are happy to meet with you prior to your pregnancy to discuss your overall wellness.

Highest Quality and Safety
Our goal is to have a healthy, happy mom, baby and family. We promote the highest of quality and safety measures as recommended nationally for women in pregnancy. We embrace evidence based initiatives which are directed to improving care for women and we are committed to reducing Perinatal Morbidity and Mortality. We are involved in pioneering efforts to improve outcomes.

Pregnancy Complications
Pregnancy complications can arise. Preterm Labor, Hypertension, Diabetes, Birth Defects, and even Miscarriage may be avoided by healthy decisions before conception and during pregnancy. In the office during an appointment we may discuss topics such as nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, and specific natural supplementations.

High-Risk Pregnancies
High-Risk pregnancies require unique considerations. We journey with you to ensure you have the information, the tools and the support for a healthy pregnancy and birth. We partner with local Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists to support our care of women with high-risk pregnancies.