While on a medical mission in the high Andes Mountains of Peru, mother and daughter nurse practitioners, Dede Chism and Abby Sinnett, received the inspiration for Bella.

Dede and Abby became convicted that every person has a story, every person deserves to know that they are good, and every person deserves dignified health care that gives them the opportunity to be made whole again. Two years later, Bella opened its doors and began promoting dignity and life through a reverent approach to healthcare within a state of the art women’s and family health care center. Dede and Abby have since invited others to answer God’s call, through high quality, high standard healthcare with a pioneering spirit.

By embracing the authentic dignity of every patient and offering care that is holistic, natural and scientific, the providers at Bella are accompanying patients through their medical issues while serving the mind, body and soul. 


2012: Mother/daughter duo, Dede Chism and Abby Sinnett, say yes to the Holy Spirit’s call to create a unique opportunity to provide dignified health care to all women in the Denver metro area.

2014: Bella Natural Women’s Care facility opens in Englewood, CO serving women. Bella commits to seeing ALL women who need dignified health care.

2016: Bella contracts with Catholic Charities to provide clinical services at Marisol Health. Bella also expands the practice to family wellness.

2017: Bella is the model clinic and co-founding organization for the national Pro-Women’s Health Center (PWHC) Consortium. This is an initiative that unites clinics across the nation through excellent standards of care for women!

2018: Bella surpassed 6,500 registered patients, cared for by nine gifted medical providers!