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The Bella “Journey” Gatherings

A Journey Gathering reminds us that we are all on a unique journey, with our own set of circumstances, relationships, trials and joys. It is also an opportunity to see, hear and experience the spirit in which Bella’s journey begins and its ever-changing path. At Bella, we encounter women during some of their greatest trials, blessings and transitions of their lives. Whether that is an unplanned pregnancy, simply transitioning to motherhood, a tragic diagnosis, or a medical issue related to their marriage. Bella exists to bring women from all walks of life together to impact one another’s journey as we all make our own journey on this pilgrimage to heaven.

We invite anyone to host a Journey Gathering, which creates community awareness and understanding of our mission and services.

What is a Journey Gathering?

A Journey Gathering is a group of friends who meet for a luncheon, cocktail party or happy hour here at the Bella clinic (after hours) with the purpose of learning about the mission of Bella. At this event, your group will be able to hear the story of Bella and learn how your journey can impact the unique journeys of countless women, their families and their unborn babies by allowing them access to healthcare that is truly pro-woman and pro-life. Healthcare that defends and upholds the dignity of all is and will continue to transform the culture for life, are you called to this journey?

We can host small faith community groups, bible study groups, and both men and women are welcome and encouraged to host a gathering. Bella will provide light snacks and drinks or you can bring your own food, should you choose to.

We can host gatherings Monday thru Friday after 6:00pm. And Saturdays as well.

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