Frequently Asked Questions

I just found out I am pregnant for the first time. When should I schedule my first appointment?

Congratulations! We look forward to sharing in this journey with you. Once you find out you are pregnant, call our office to schedule a visit with a provider and an ultrasound. Your first visit will be approximately 7 weeks after the first day of your last period. If you have experienced a pregnancy loss in the past, you can call and schedule a visit sooner to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. 

Who will deliver my baby? Can you guarantee a Bella delivering provider will attend my delivery? 

We have 4 delivering providers at our practice. Dr. Bauer, DO, ObGyn, Dr. Kathleen McGlynn, MD, ObGyn, Dr. Sarah Hodack, MD, Family Medicine and Maria Domingue, CNM. You will see a variety of doctors and nurse practitioners throughout your pregnancy. Our delivering providers all share call. Rarely, we will have a provider from another practice take call for our practice. All of the providers that attend our patients deliveries are highly qualified and compassionate.

What does “natural care” mean to Bella?

At Bella, we strive to offer options that work in cooperation with the Body. The body is naturally good and thus we want to support it. This may mean wellness care, supplements or natural hormone replacement to optimize the normal functions of the body. Birth is a beautifully normal and natural process and we are very supportive and patient when it comes to allowing a natural birth to occur. That being said, we are not “against” medication. We will support you in the birth experience that you desire.

Will Bella provide family care after I deliver? 

Yes! We are both an OB/GYN and Family Practice! This means that after you deliver your sweet little one, Dr. Sarah Hodack, MD, and Stephanie Langford, Family Nurse Practitioner, are here for you. We look forward to continuing your care and watching your family grow! 

Can my husband/brother/son come to Bella? 

Absolutely! We believe that everyone deserves dignified healthcare. We are honored to care for your whole family and loved ones through all stages of life!

My hormones feel out of whack. Can I treat that in a natural way? 

You know you, and you know when you don’t feel like you! Hormones are complex and some times they can just be a little off in both men and women. We specialize in getting to the root cause of these symptoms, identifying abnormalities in hormones and helping to restore and optimize hormones.

Can I have a pap done while I am on my period? 

In order to make sure we are collecting a sufficient sample, we do not want to collect a pap smear while you are bleeding heavily. If you are spotting or bleeding very lightly we would be able to collect a pap smear. It is optimal to have a pap smear when you are not on your period. 

I am interested in family planning. Do you offer fertility awareness/natural family planning classes? Does Bella offer contraception?

Bella specializes in healthcare that works in cooperation with the body! Understanding the body and the normal fluctuations not only helps to manage fertility but can actually improve health outcomes. The body can tell us so much, we just have to listen. We recommend all women learn the biologic clues that the body reveals. This is done through fertility awareness charting. Bella does not prescribe contraception, perform sterilization or refer for abortion, as these would alter normal body processes. Additionally, we see many engaged couples and help them understand their bodies and cycles in order to prepare for the gift of marriage. 


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