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Post Partum Care

Bella Moms & Lactation Support

Postpartum Care

The time following the birth of your baby is a beautifully sacred and sometime uncertain time. Bella understands the unique nature of the postpartum experience. We are here to support you and help you to navigate this tremendous change in your life! We are here to help you bond, breast feed, heal, process your delivery experience, and thrive as a mom.

  • Support groups

  • Lactation support and breast feeding classes

  • Unique approach to postpartum depression and blues through hormone support and supplements


Bella Moms is a support community for all postpartum mamas. Whether it is your first or your sixth baby, this community of fellow mamas is here for feeding support, child education, emotional support and new friendships. Our group meets bimonthly at local parks, coffee shops and libraries in the Denver area. For more information about our meetings as well as one-on-one mentorship please contact Heidi at



WHEN: 1st Wednesday Each month @ 5:30pm at Bella
NEXT CLASSES ARE: September 4th & October 2nd, 2019

Prior registration Required. Email Jill, our Certified Lactation Counselor

Contact Jill Heringer:




Hello! My name is Jill and I am a wife and mother of three wonderful grown children who all live in the Denver area. I’m a lucky mom! My husband and I have been in Denver for over 35 years and love and embrace the beautiful place Denver is. We enjoy being empty nesters as it gives us lots of time together to golf, ski, bike, hike, fly fish and spend time with family and friends. I am passionate about all things mama and baby which has led to my journey as a certified lactation counselor and mom-mentor. I am so excited to be a part of the Bella Moms support community!


Hi! My name is Heidi. I am a wife and mama to a sweet baby girl.
When I’m not changing diapers, navigating nap times, and cleaning up messes you can find me enjoying every second I can outside. As for motherhood, my heart is with all the mamas out there trying to enjoy the beautiful craziness. I walked into motherhood with one of my dearest friends, giving birth to our babes in the same hospital, just 8 hours apart. I learned in that moment you can’t do it alone. I have a passion to support other mothers and am so excited to be
a part of Bella Moms.