Abby Sinnett | MSN | WHNP-C |
Director of Clinical Services

Abby is the co-founder and Director of Clinical Services for Bella Natural Women’s Care & Family Wellness.  She graduated from the University of Colorado with her Masters in Science and is a Board Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner.

After receiving her undergraduate degree from Regis University, Abby worked as a Labor and Delivery nurse for seven years.  In 2013, Abby completed the Nurse Practitioner Medical Consultant training through the Pope Paul IV Institute.

Abby’s passion for preserving the dignity of women started long before her career in medicine.  She has been involved in youth and young adult ministry since high school.  Abby served for a year as a missionary with the National Evangelization Teams (NET Ministries) and has spoken at conferences throughout the country to young women affirming their beauty and dignity.  As a teenager, Abby had the opportunity to see the birth of a baby where she “felt as if angels were dancing around the room.”   She was drawn to the way the medical team worked in cooperation with the woman and family.  One of these team members was her mom, Dede.  She knew that one day she would be a part of that team.

Abby and her husband Justin are missionaries at heart and continue to serve on medical missions in Ayaviri, Peru.  Not only does her work and ministry life focus on women’s issues, but Abby and her husband have four daughters Olivia, Madelynn, Mary Belle and Francesca.  Abby is blessed among women!  Abby enjoys camping, swimming, skiing and being surrounded by the ones she loves.